Metaphorically named "Temple Forest", "Richest Open Air Archeological Museum" and "A Paragon of living history and spirituality", Bagan is a stunning destination of Upper Myanmar. The innumerable centuries-old temples mirror great devotion and boundless generosity of Kings, Queens and Myanmar Buddhists in 11th and 13th centuries.

Temples and stupas have mystery and history to tell you. Venture a tour/nurture your dream journey, be awed by the intellectual architecture of the ancient Myanmar, enjoy the bewitching sunset and sunrise over its temples and explore much more as long as your curiosity goes.

Dhammayangyi Temple
Old Bagan
A.D 1167

Dhammayan Gyi Temple was built by King Narathu in A.D 1170 and well noted for its "Massiveness and incredibly fine brickwork. It's located about a kilometer to the southeast of the city walls directing Minnanthu.

It is assumed that the name of the temple is derived from Dhammaramsi which means “The rays of Dhamma.” Dhammayangyi is one of the two temples which consist of four vestibules and two parallel corridors.

A.D 1105

Well known for its grace, best architecture and glazed terracotta, this early 12 century monument was donated by King Kyanzitthar in 1091 A.D. It's one of the finest and most venerated temples in Bagan.

Monument Number : 1657

“Bu” means “gourd" and “paya” is addressed as “Pagoda, so Bupaya literally means pagoda in a gourd shape. It stands on the bank of the Ayeyawady River.

A.D 1167

Dhammayan Gyi Temple was built by King Narathu in A.D 1170 and well noted for its "Massiveness and incredibly fine brickwork. It's located about a kilometer to the southeast of the city walls directing Minnanthu.

Document number : 947

Similar design in structure of famous Shwezigon Pagoda, Dhammayazika Pagoda is situated to the north of Thitmahti monastery near Phwa Saw Village. It was built by King Narapatisithu in 1198 at the estimated cost of 40,427 kyats.








Sightseeing Route

With many ancient temples to visit in Bagan, the sightseeing routes are planned for the visitors to make the trip easy, and worthwhile.


Sightseeing Route-1

Location: Around Old Bagan, Ahnawrahta Rd

Area: Old Bagan

Detailed Route: Shwe San Daw Pagoda>> Sulamuni Temple>>Dhamayangyi temple>> Ananda Temple>>Shwegugyi Temple>>Old Palace Site >> around old Bagan


Sightseeing Route-2

Location: Around Ahnawrahta Road and Nyaung Oo old Main Road

Area: Nyaung U and Old Bagan(Wet Gyi Inn & Taung Bi village)

Detailed Route: Nyaung Oo Market>>Shwezigon Pagoda>> Kyansittha Umin>> Wetkyi Inn Gubyaukgyi temple>>Bulethi Pagoda>> A Lo-taw pyae temple>>Htilominlo Temple>>Shwe-Nan-Yin-Taw Monastery complex


Sightseeing Route-3

Location: Old & New Bagan Rd

Area: Nyaung U & Old Bagan (Wetgyi Inn & Taung Bi village)

Detailed Route: Myazedi Pagoda>> Gubyaukgyi Temple>> Manuha Temple>> Nanpaya Temple>> Abeyadana Temple>>Nagayon Temple>>Myin Kabar Lacquerware village>>Bupaya Pagoda


Sightseeing Route-4

Location: New Bagan Airport Rd

Area: Myinkaba & Old Bagan Riverside

Detailed Route: Dhamayazika pagoda>>Thitsarwady Temple>>West Phwar Saw village>>Lay Myat Nhar temple>>Payathonzu Temple>>Thambula Temple and Nandamanya Temple>>Min Nan Thu Village>>Tayoke Pyay Temple>> Ayayarwady River by Boad for sunset Pagoda


Sightseeing Route-5

Location: Old Bagan & Chauk Rd

Area: New & Old Bagan

Detailed Route: Sedanargyi Temple>> Petleik Pagoda>>Lawkananda Pagoda>> Soemingyi Monastic Complex>> Mingala zedi Pagoda>>Tharabar Gate