Bagan is a great place for dining, especially for those with a preference for Asian food as the restaurants often have Chinese, Indian and Asian fusion dishes on their menus. European food is available in select establishments for those who like to have Western food.

The city is also home to many riverside restaurants. So, diners can enjoy delectable meals and a stunning view of the river all at the same time.


Type of Cuisines & Drinks

  •  Myanmar Cuisine
  •  Chinese Cuisine
  •  Thai Cuisine
  •  European Cuisine
  •  Italian Cuisine
  •  BBQ & Beverage



  •  Tropical fruit
  •  Fresh fruit juice


Bagan Exquisite

Your trip to the temple forest can't be said complete without trying local delicacies.

Toddy palm juice & Sky Beer (Brewed toddy palm juice)

As toddy palms thrive in Bagan and its surrounding regions, visitors can try fresh toddy juice, either natural sweet juice or the brewed one to the gentlemen's delight. It's available at the roadside shops in town and at the farms dotted with toddy palms outside Bagan along the Myinchan-Kyauk Padaung Road. The best way to enjoy toddy juice is visit the toddy palm farms and savor Sky Beer under the palm trees or in the open hut roofed with palm leaves.


Jaggery Liquor

Those who prefer the strong drink can try liquor made from jaggery. 


They can also try Jaggery, a local delicacy made from toddy palm sap. Nothing like having jaggery as dessert over a pot of plain tea after a heavy meal helps you digest. Jaggery is ladies' best companion because daily intake of jagger either chunk or syrup can effectively ease period pain and purify blood. And it has many more medicinal properties.

In addition to Jaggery purely made from toddy palm sap, it comes in different versions by adding shredded coconut, plum powder, black sesame seeds, peanut, etc. There, they can also observe the process of making jaggery.

Monhinkha (Bean soup with rice noodle)

Monhinkha is one of Myanmar traditional foods. It's a fish broth eaten with rice noodle. The addition of coriander leaves, boiled egg and fritters enhances its taste and they're optional and to your preference. It's a bit spicy but appetizing. Its recipe and ingredients slightly vary depending on the regions where it's cooked and consumed. Bagan monhinkha is thicker and richer in taste as it's cooked with generous amount of beans. While in Bagan, Bagan monhinkha is a delicacy to try. You aren't recommended to try it if you have a stomach problem then.

Pone Ye Gyi (Soy Bean Paste)

Pone Ye Gyi is one of Myanmar traditional foods made from horse-gram. It's dark brown in color and it comes in paste or dried powder. It tastes rich and slightly acid. It's generally made salad with shredded onion, chilli and peanut oil and consumed as a side-dish all over Myanmar. It serves as a good dish for veggie. It's also cooked with meat and Pork-Pone Ye Gyi dish is popular. Pone Ye Gyi paste and powder are packed neatly and sold at the shops in the Nyaung Oo Market.

Tamarind Leaf Salad

Tamarind trees grow abundantly in Bagan. Tender tamarind leaf salad prepared with pounded peanut makes a popular side dish and it's a delight of veggie as well. 

Tamarind Flake or Toffee

It's a local specialty made from tamarind pulp which is rolled through cylinders, cut out with cookie cutter and dusted with sugar. They taste sugary but slightly sour and melt on your tongue soon after. Visitors are served tamarind toffee as dessert after meal at the restaurants. They're available at the markets wrapped in paper in piles of 5, or sometimes in bags.