Bagan Photo Festival 2017

Bagan Photo Festival 2017 has begun on March 12, 2017.Now entry for the contest is open to all including international tourists, domestic tourists and Bagan local people. Let’s take photos of Bagan and join the contest by submitting your photos through the website.

Now Bagan photo Festival has been running for over one month and the closing date for entry is May 14, 2017. Do not miss the chance for 2017.

The main objectives of the Bagan Photo Festival are to discover Bagan’s attractiveness from various kinds of aspects like scenery, culture, way of life, religious festival, tradition, etc.

We are looking forward to seeing attractiveness of Bagan from your point of view. Please enjoy Bagan Photo Festival by entering the contest from here

and by voting for the photos from here


Traffic Experiment in Bagan

Our target for the Traffic Experiment

This pilot transportation experiment is conducted for monument conservation and providing newly tourism transportation system in Bagan.

In the future, if Bagan is registered as world heritage, the number of tourists and vehicles will increase rapidly, and serious traffic problems such as congestion and accidents, and vibrations are worried.

Newly tourism transportation system is aiming to promote usage of public transportation and eco & monument friendly transportation modes.


Experiment Contents

1)Free bus for Bagan(Circular bus and Sunset Shuttle bus)

2)Parking lot at Ananda temple

3)Traffic regulation

4)Horse cart service for parking lot uses


For more details, please check the flyer!

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What is CBT? (Community Based Tourism)


CBT is an abbreviation of ‘Community Based Tourism’, aims at creating (a) sustainable business scheme(s) for vulnerable local people by means of making the best use of tourism sector income opportunities and the local economic linkages within tourism sector.


CBT’s products (Handicrafts) display in Nay Pyi Taw hotels

Ministry of Hotels and Tourism (MoHT) has been implementing ‘the Project of Establishment of the Pilot Model for Regional Tourism Development in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar’ in cooperation with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). CBT is one of pilot projects in Bagan Tourism Development project. The first activities for CBT is to promote handicrafts of selected potential villages in Bagan. From   11th November 2015 to 29th February 2015, the products (Handicrafts) from West Pwa-saw village and Myit Chay, Tha-zin village will be displayed in Nay Pyi Taw’s Hotels such as Kempinski Hotel and Thingaha Hotel. CBT’s products (Handicrafts) display aims to increase more tourists visit and to provide an opportunity for Local communities in West Pwa-saw village and Myit Chay, Tha-zin village.


West Pwa-saw Village

West Pwa-saw Village situated 3km to the southeast of New Bagan. Its name derived from a Queen Pwa-saw of Bagan Period. What you can explore in this village is lacquerware handicrafts, traditional cooking oil, etc. Most of the villagers are lacquerware craftsmen. The craftsmen’s lacquerware technique is succeeded to young generation. The village offers to visit traditional lacquerware factory and the visitors get to learn more about the local life. The villagers are still using their traditional handicrafts’ techniques. It usually takes six months or almost a year for craftsmen to produce good quality lacquerware. That’s why, it is unmissable site to visit for the visitors. 


Myit Chay, Tha-zin village

Myit Chay, Tha-zin Village is located on the west bank of Ayeyarwaddy River and opposite site of Bagan. It is only one where cane crafts are made in Bagan area. In the village, you will see different kinds of cane products and Local people’s lifestyle. About 70% of the village family earns by making cane handicrafts. Their cane crafts are sold not only Bagan market and also in Yagon and Mandalay. Varieties of their products are very attractive for visitors. It can be said that Myit Chay, Tha-zin Village is a community of cane craftsmen. After sightseeing of ancient pagodas of Bagan, ‘why do you visit Myit Chay, Tha-zin Village to see cane crafts?’’  




"Thae Pyin Taw Village" Half-day Trial Village Tour

Why don’t you join “Thae Pyin Taw (Sandy Valley)" village tour program on (Sunday) 23rd October, 2016! (Finished)


 ‘’Thae Pyin Taw’’ means “Sandy Valley ‘’in Myanmar language. Yes, in this village, most of the land is sandy. The village is located at 25 Km far from Bagan (40 mins drive). The village is very unique with hundreds of Toddy trees which are spread around the village. Their ways of life is also impressive. Actually, it is the one of the most amazing village as olden rural Myanmar people’s life style can only be seen in that place. You can experience a piece of their life style such as how the toddy juice (sky beer) is collected, how to make fabric with a traditional loom, observe edible oil distillation methods, and look at the wooden ancient Monastery.  Above all, you can feel their warmth and hospitality. On returning to Bagan, you will be served the country style lunch under a hut covered with toddy leaves. An important thing is, your participation in the tour contributes to the local community’s sustainable development. This trial tour is conducted as a part of the JICA Bagan Tourism Development’s CBT (Community-based Tourism) pilot project, in collaboration with MoHT (Ministry of Hotels and Tourism). The first trial tour will take place on 23rd October, 2016 (Sunday).


Thae Pyin Taw villagers are waiting for your participation!

For more details, please refer to the brochure which can be downloaded from the present website.