Nan Myint Viewing Tower

The lofty 60 meter high Nan Myint Viewing Tower in Bagan plain is an ideal for the superb panorama of ancient kingdom, its temples and environ. It is located on the ground of Aureum Palace Hotel, at the eastern part of Bagan archeological site.

The tower offers an alternative viewing point to the tops of the crumbling pagodas. The awesome views from the top floor will raise your eye-brows and take your breath away.

The 13-level establish has many things to offer, souvenir shops, coffee shop (2nd floor), seminar room, conference room, cinema hall and fine-dining elegant restaurant (9th &10th floor).

Unless hurry, you can sit back and relax with your choice of delectable meal and refreshments enjoying the spectacular scenes.

Bagan Viewpoints

Savoring the stunning panorama of Bagan temples, the spectacular sunrise and sunset and the beauty of legendary River Ayeyarwady can take your breath, sweat and tiredness away. Make sure you visit all these viewpoints to capture the charms and glory of Bagan city as it offers. The most spectacular time to see the temples are when the sun dramatically rises and falls over the plain at dawn or dusk.

  • Shwe San Taw pagoda, located near Myingabar village in Old Bagan
  • Pya Tha Gyi, West Pwar Saw in Old Bagan
  • Nyunt Lat Phat Pond, near Tha Pyay Nyu pagodas
  • Bu Payar, on the bank of Ayeyarwady River in Old Bagan
  • Bu Lae Thi Payar, near Alotawpyae temple in Old Bagan
  • Law Ka Nanda Temple, on the Ayeyarwady River in New Bagan